Referral List Of Trusted Providers

The following providers have been hand-selected by Golden Root Acupuncture. Each one has been vetted and a deemed as a trusted resource.

photo of a newborn

Doula Services

Connected Treads Doula Services (Birth Doula)

Lady’s Mantle Doula Services (Fertility and Birth Doula)

Misty Cannon Stewart (Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Doula)

Rhythm and Ritual Doula (Labor and Postpartum Doula)

Wonderstruck Doula and Sleep Support (Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Doula and Sleep Coach)

crop unrecognizable woman showing chiropractor painful spot on back

Chiropractic Care

Revive Chiropractic (Prenatal, Postpartum and Child Chiropractic Specialist)

girl wearing a pink headband

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coaching

Sleep, Love and Happiness

Through The Night

hands people friends communication

Psychiatry and Counseling

Emmy Crouter Psychotherapy (Young Adults with Anxiety and Depression)

Fellow Acupuncturists

Prickly Mermaid (Sexual Health Specialist)

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