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Given current events, Golden Root Acupuncture is offering virtual options to help maintain healthy self-care practices. All in-person services will be put on hold until further notice. In the meantime, please book your telehealth or virtual yoga experience below.

Telehealth Consults

Individualized self-care plans, herbal formulas sent directly to you (Colorado residents only), supplement and vitamin recommendations and instruction on how to self-administer acuPRESSURE.

Virtual Yoga

Taught by a certified yoga instructor AND licensed acupuncturist. These group classes combine two ancient practices for a truly unique experience.

Telehealth + Yoga

Take your telehealth consult to the next level with customized yoga sequences. These 1-on-1 classes are taught virtually to compliment your Chinese Medical Diagnosis.

Phone Herb Consults

Natural medicine without harsh side effects!


New to acupuncture or just new to us, we can help you obtain and maintain your health goals. All new and existing patients book here.


Think of it as a massage, but in reverse! Great for general aches and pains and recovery from injuries.

Pediatric Acupressure

AcuPRESSURE can be just as effective for kids 12 and younger. Painless, non-invasive and fun!

Home Visits

We’ll bring the treatment to you!

Clinic Hours of Operation                              

  • Monday 2PM-8PM                                          
  • Tuesday 9AM-7PM
  • Wednesday 2PM-8PM
  • Thursday 9AM-7PM
  • Friday 9AM-7PM
  • Saturday 9AM-5PM

In-Home Visits Available 

  • Monday 9AM-7PM
  • Wednesday 9AM- 7PM
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