Sleep, Love and Happiness

Bonnie Dimmick

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Bonnie Dimmick is a Child Sleep Consultant who focuses on respectful parenting and sleep strategies to help babies, toddlers, and young children learn to sleep independently.

She works with families in Denver and across the US who want to create sustainable independent sleep habits but neither the ‘suck-it-up-and-wait’ or the ‘cry-it-out’ approaches to sleep work for their families.

Working with Bonnie, parents are able to find that middle ground that fits their unique family and their sleep goals using holistic, respectful, developmentally appropriate, and evidence-based methods. 
Bonnie is a Denver native and currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, two young daughters, and dog.

You can learn more about Bonnie and how she helps families sleep better at

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