Virtual Yoga

In an effort to stay connected, healthy, and move our bodies throughout the COVID-19 quarantines, Golden Root Acupuncture is inspired to offer virtual yoga classes for our community.  We have chosen to keep our virtual yoga classes available as we reopen our acupuncture clinic, because yoga is a healing practice which uniquely compliments Chinese Medicine & Meridian Theory.

Please join us weekly via zoom and stay connected, healthy and engaged. Class descriptions and individual sessions are listed below.

Gentle vinyasa yoga with flow, movement and meditation

Gentle Vinyasa

Light, slow flowing sequences will be offered in this 60 minute class. Great opportunities to set intention, move thoughtfully, and reconnect with your body can be found in these 60 minutes.

Vinyasa yoga balance poses core work and movement

Power Hour

A dynamic vinyasa style class designed to connect your movement with your breath.  Balance poses, core work, and options for advanced postures will be offered here.

Yin yoga with stretching and meditation, comfort and relaxation

Yin Yoga Nidra

Lengthening our muscles & connective tissue, yin poses are held anywhere from 2 – 6 minutes!  After the yin portion of the class you will be led through a guided meditation, so get comfortable and relax.

Community donation yoga

Heart 7 Community Class

In Chinese Medicine, the heart is known as the emperor.  The seventh point on the heart meridian is the source point, where all of the aspects of the heart can be accessed and reaffirmed.  Our Heart 7 Community Class is Golden Root Acupuncture’s way of saying THANK YOU to all of you who have made time for yourselves, prioritized your health, and are becoming empowered by what is in your heart.  This is our donation based class for our community.  Get your friends, your dogs and cats, your lattes, and your beautiful hearts, virtually of course, and stay connected <3

Hatha yoga with meditation, stillness, breath work and meditation.

Hatha Yoga

This style is grounding and great for stress reduction.  Here you will experience stillness in your poses, breath work, and meditation. 

Let’s get moving together.

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