Rhythm And Ritual Doula

Sarah Werkin

Sarah Werkin is a Denver-based Doula, registered yoga teacher, meditation, and breath guide.

Her passion for service began as a nanny. She has worked with infants, children & families for the last 13 years. Sarah has a background in Psychology pertaining to the mind-body connection, specifically how this powerful connection can pertain to labor and birth.

Sarah is passionate about sharing the labor & postpartum experience, and her knowledge of the mind-body connection to empower families to cope well, and heal powerfully during these sacred life experiences.

Sarah’s goal is to provide relief for you during labor, postpartum, nursing & beyond. She aims to bring emotional aid, comfort, and a true sense of empathy to your moment. She is here to advocate for your needs, educate & empower you to make your own decisions, and offer support throughout each step of the process.

For more information, visit Sarah’s website

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