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Paige Shelly

Fertility and Birth Doula

Hello! My name is Paige, I am a Doula specializing in fertility and birth services! I love helping people on their conception and birth journey! After having both an amazing birth and a traumatic birth experience I felt called to birth and fertility work. The miracle of what our bodies are capable of doing through conception, pregnancy, and birth has been a passion of mine for years and I love that I am able to do work that I truly love. Bringing new life into the world is such an amazing part of life but it can also feel very overwhelming! I love providing peace and guidance to my clients to help them feel empowered and capable in the process of growing their family.

I educate my clients on effective conception and tracking practices with the expectation of conceiving faster or increasing the chance of conceiving a male or female baby. I also coach them in deciphering potential areas of concern when it comes to conception, based on their tracking information. Additionally, I support my clients by providing education, information, physical and emotional support.  I also offer infertility support if needed. I help to provide them with all the information they need to make an informed choice about their care plan with their specialist, as well as going to appointments with them if needed.

When conception occurs I continue to provide support educationally, physically, and emotionally through their pregnancy and birth. I create a birth plan for my clients and help them to feel empowered in taking control of their birth process. As a result, hopefully lowering birth trauma rates and c-section rates.

For more information about Paige and her services, please visit her website:

Phone: 720-355-2172


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