Acupuncture For Pain

Pain management is one of the most common reasons people seek acupuncture.  That’s because it works! It’s been widely researched in China, the U.S and all over the world and has been shown to be effective for many cases of chronic and acute types of pain.  While the reasons behind the pain can be complex,  the mechanism of treatment is simple: by inserting a sterile needle into the body, it calls upon the body’s natural healing abilities to rush to the area, surrounding it with red and white blood cells, oxygen, and plasma.

A person’s constitution, as well as the history of WHY the person has pain, is also widely explored.  This ensures that the treatment is customized to fit the person’s exact needs, not only to address the pain itself, but also to help prevent the pain from recurring.  This is what sets acupuncture apart from Western modalities of pain management.

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